My Cupcakes

You can choose from 14 flavours and all of my cupcakes have a swirl of different flavoured frosting.

Themed cupcakes are also available using a swirl of yummy buttercream, toped with icing and your choice of decoration. A small handbag, roses, teddy bears and bows are just a few examples. Cupcakes are a great idea if you want your guests to help themselves to an individual treat, they are perfect for weddings and celebrations and can also be themed for corporate promotions.

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My Cupcake Flavours

Vanilla: Vanilla cupcake with Vanilla buttercream

Chocolate: Moist chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream

Lemon:Lemon cupcake with lemon buttercream

Carrot:Carrot cupcake with cream cheese Frosting

Bailey Tiramisu:Brown sugar cupcake infused with Baileys’ and topped with bailey mascarpone frosting

Chai Tea:Cupcake infused with cinnamon, ginger, cloves and topped with chai buttercream

Coffee and walnut:Walnut cupcake with coffee buttercream*

Maple and Pecan:Pecan cupcake with maple buttercream *

Banana and Honey:Banana cupcake with honey buttercream

Red Velvet:Red chocolate cake with Cream cheese frosting

Cookie Dough:Chocolate chip studded cupcake filled with cookie dough and topped with brown sugar cookie frosting.

Strawberry and cream:Cupcake with strawberry and white chocolate topped with white chocolate ganache.

Peanut Butter:Peanut cupcake topped with peanut buttercream *

Blueberry white chocolate:Blueberry cupcake with topping of white chocolate frosting *

* These Cupcakes Contains Nuts

My Cupcake Prices

Standard frosting


Themed decorated


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